Cucumber & Mint Raita

When it comes to a curry we love a bit of heat and to go with that we balance the spice with a cooling mint and cucumber raita.

If you’re not sure what raita is, it’s the yogurt dip you get with your poppadoms along with mango chutney and shredded scallions. It’s something we missed dearly when we started eating curry for every meal to nail our staple VeganBoys curry recipe served in our travelling trailer.

Our raita is refreshing, cooling and super quick to make and we have some handy tips to make it even quicker. Raita is a delightful pop of colour to a deep auburn curry because, lets be honest, it’s hard to make a curry look like Michelin starred top haute cuisine.

Gluten Free
Refined Sugar Free


To pick off your mint leaves quickly, grab the stalks at the top and wrap your hand around then swiftly pull your hand down the stalk ripping off the leaves with it. To scoop out the seeds of the cucumber slice your cucumber in half length ways. Get a teaspoon and run it down the centre of the cucumber over the bin, it will scoop the seeds out quickly and neatly without taking any of the cucumber body with it. Or keep the seeds, dry them out and plant them in a propagator between March and April.


1 pot of soy yogurt

1/2 a cucumber

1 bag of fresh mint leaves


  1. Peel the cucumber. Slice the cucumber in half and de-seed. Chop roughly and bang into your blender.

  2. Pull the mint leaves from one bag of fresh mint. Bang it in the blender.

  3. Pour the soy yogurt into the blender and blitz.

  4. Done - Mint Raita