The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Sandwich

Here I am harping about vegan Christmas sandwiches by Wicked Kitchen and Starbucks. Well, if I was the reader I would say ‘Well let’s see you do any better!’. So here’s my version of a traditional Christmas sandwich using roast dinner leftovers!

Firstly, let’s tackle the classic Christmas sandwich taste that sings festivities. For me, I need cranberry and a sage & onion flavour. I like a good substantial meat alternative whether it is in the form of roasted vegetables, soya mince, tofu or in this case the Linda McCartney nut roast.

I used the Linda McCartney ‘Beef’ nut roast with red wine and shallot glaze because, firstly, it was a left over from my roast dinner and secondly because it’s damn delicious! A dry sandwich is not a great start so lots of moisture and some salad add a freshness to a heavy, carby parcel of heaven.

This is a proper dirty, filthy Christmas sandwich. We won’t beat about the bush with fancy roasted veg or marinated this rainbow that, just proper traditional flavours and popular left-overs. So lets delve straight into this easy vegan Christmas sandwich that is a killer hangover cure!

Serves 1



A great Christmas sandwich is all about leftovers so get creative and throw in whatever you have! Vegan sausages, facon, crispy roast potato edges, roasted carrots, balsamic glazed sprouts, get it all in there!
I don’t bother buttering the bread, the flavours talk for themselves and with the mayonnaise and cranberry it is lovely and moist.



  1. Slather on a good couple of tea spoons of cranberry sauce.

  2. A good helping of Vegan mayo

  3. Place on thinly sliced nut roast

  4. Spoon on stuffing, add extra mayo if you wish

  5. Add a handful of spinach

  6. Squidge the spare slice of bread on top, press down as this is a big old sarni!

  7. Chop in half, I’m a triangle snob.

2 Slices of good bread
Cranberry Sauce
Vegan Mayo
Linda McCartney ‘beef’ roast
Sage & Onion Stuffing
Fresh Spinach