Roasted Winter Squash Salad

I ate 5 mince pies yesterday, a pizza and chips! December is a time of year when self control goes out the window and eating is an even more enjoyable activity. I do feel a little guilty after eating 5 Essential Waitrose mince pies, but they were delicious. So today it’s salad for lunch, booo.

I do enjoy a salad but it has so have something slightly naughty in there whether it’s a whole tub of houmous or in this case some roasted squash. Just some lettuce, tomato and onion is not going to cut it!

What I love about this salad is you get a good dosage of raw veg high in nutrients but the naughty roasted squash makes the salad super moreish and you don’t feel you’re starving yourself on a lettuce leaf. The kamut is a super healthy salad bulker, high in protein and fibre. I would choose kamut over any other grain due to the nutritional benefits and it’s filling!

Serves 4


Click this image to download recipe PDF.

Click this image to download recipe PDF.


Leave the squash and kamut to cool in the fridge and use left overs for lunch and dinner extras the next few days.

Dice any extra veg to put in the salad or add old potatoes or onions to the roasting tray to bulk out the dish and save food waste.

Add some sage and halved onions to the roasting tray for an extra Christmassy flavour.


200g Kamut
1 whole squash
Olive oil
1 Cucumber
1/2 Onion
1/2 Red Pepper
1/2 Red Chilli
1 Garlic clove
Salt & Pepper


  1. Peal and cube your squash, use a long knife for easier cutting.

  2. Drizzle with olive oil salt pepper and bang in the oven at 200 degrees for 40 minutes.

  3. Put your quick cook kamut on to boil for 10 minutes. Tescos sells the quick cook kamut.

  4. Dice cucumber, onion and red pepper and chilli and put in a bowl. Crush garlic clove into bowl, drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Mix well.

  5. Place a handful of spinach in your dish and spoon on some of the cucumber salad.

  6. Add a few spoonfuls of the cooked kamut.

  7. Add several cubes of the roasted squash.