Wicked Bubble and Squeak Sandwich

Wicked Kitchen Christmas Bubble & Squeak Sandwich

Tescos - Ryde

We love a Christmas sarni and since going vegan we missed the Christmas sandwich experience dearly! Veganism is such a huge movement the larger food suppliers could no longer ignore the vegans. With plenty of choice this year we have had to hop around the island trying Christmas sandwiches from Starbucks, Tescos, M&S and we’re still hunting out more sandwiches. If you’re a local island business providing Christmas vegan sarnies then please ping us an email so we can come and try!

So the Wicked Kitchen vegan sandwich for £3 from Tescos. We hate spending money on a sandwich and £3 is our top end of our budget for a grab and go sandwich that isn’t made fresh.

The sandwich itself was slightly dry. The bubble and squeak was flavoursome but the sandwich was lacking in vegan mayo and cranberry for a classic Christmas sarni combo. The pumpkin bread was a lovely alternative to a standard brown and had a slight sour kick. Yum!

Overall the sandwich was fine. But it didn’t hit the nail on the head and lacked some of the traditional flavours including sage & onion, cranberry and a meat alternative. We love the thought and variation in this sandwich but it doesn’t quite cut it for Christmas.