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The Fleming Arms - Binstead

How awesome is it to have a local pub with a full vegan menu? If you’re not lucky enough to have one, it’s bad for the hips but great for the chips!

The newly opened Fleming Arms on Binstead Hill has a fantastic vegan menu with a great variety of starters, mains and desserts. Not your usual bidvest cherry pie and chocolate torte. These are proper home made vegan desserts, rustic, sweet and made with love.

But enough about desserts, let’s talk mains! My go to is a good burger, second … a pizza maybe or a pie. But pub food for me = burger and chips!

The Fleming do a soft and mourish corn style vegan burger topped with lots of salad, and for me I bang lots of ketchup in there. It’s good! There’s been better but I would always choose a homemade vegan burger over store bought vegan burger such as the Moving Mountain burgers. I appreciate their effort and skill that goes in to creating something different.

But … the Fajitas … oh my god. If you want to feel full to the brim after a meal, the Fleming Arms vegan fajitas are just something else. 3 warm soft white tortilla wraps are presented along with guacamole, salsa and vegan grated cheese.

Then comes the sizzling plate of smokey spiced onions and peppers. You wouldn’t think it’s much but it packs a flavoursome punch and really fills you up.


It’s good value averaging £10 a meal and the staff are welcoming and helpful. The atmosphere of the Fleming Arms has a good balance of pub grub vs quality dining resulting in us popping down there for just some beers a couple of nights after.

It’s ideal for families, date nights and big friendly gatherings with separated areas for larger tables and cosy dining areas for a more intimate meal.