We’ve been waiting a long time for Busy Bee, Ryde, to up their vegan game. A jacket potato with beans, no butter, was our go-to option. So why go to Busy Bee?

Well their Christmas world is fantastic for kids and adults. Their summer plant range is amazing and house hold gifts are great. Most often vegans go out to eat with non-vegans and Busy Bee has a great range of other non-vegan food. So my Dad could have his ham, egg and chips and mum could have her 4 layer slice of cake.

Upon discovering the veggie Olive Tree pizza this was a great step up asking for it without cheese. They are not shy on toppings, a whole jar of olives would grace the 12” inch veggie cheeseless pizza.

But to our delight, they have recently introduced vegan cheese that takes this Olive Tree pizza to a whole new level!!

busy bee vegan pizza

So what goodies do you get on this extraordinary pizza? Well there’s:
A thin crispy crust
A rich tomato base
A creamy dose of cheese
Grilled red & yellow peppers
Fried red onions
Artichoke hearts
Black & green olives
Topped with fresh rocket and drizzled with garlic oil.

Oh my goodness, delicious.

Tip. Get one each and a takeaway box for breakfast pizza!


Busy Bee is great midweek for lunch. Catch it on a weekend and it’s incredibly busy, the tables are crammed in so expect to make friends with your neighbours. And ensure you get there before 3:30 in the afternoon. Sometimes they turn their pizza oven off early.

They have also got a Vegan burger option that we are yet to try but will certainly get round to it once we’re sick of their pizzas (probably never!)