Skintrade - Vegan Tea & Cake

Skintrade Vegan Coffee Shop in Newport

Carrot Cake & Chocolate Oreo Cake


Our go-to coffee stop in Newport.

Skintrade will recognise us as regulars. Skintrade isn’t just a coffee and cake shop. It’s a place where we reflect on business, discuss relationships, chinwag with friends, meet new staff, discuss business proposals. The small quirky, artsy cafe sits above their clothes shop that is one of the few clothes shop supporting the skate and surf brands. Great place to treat yourself to some Element or Volcom t-shirts.

As you head through the shop and climb the narrow stairs the coffee shop opens up with windows over looking the heart of Newport, St Thomas’ Square. There isn’t lots of seating but we like that as it gives a secret coffee shop vibe where you can have a private conversation. The service is great, they always serve you at the table and you pay at the end. Simple things that make you feel at home in their company.

Their food menu is simple but effective with jacket potatoes, omelettes and toasties. They can veganise dishes easily. They are also a distributor of the Beau’s vegan cashew ice-cream, ideal for Darryn who can’t stomach lots of cake.

Skintrade vegan carrot and vegan chocolate cake

Two teas, Vegan Carrot Cake, Vegan Chocolate Cake

I, Charlotte, am a terrible sufferer of FOMO (fear of missing out) so we always split our cake, half and half each. This does require a hard-worked-at, understanding relationship but we’ve got the cake sharing nailed.

The chocolate oreo cake was lovely and moist with three layers stuck together with delicious chocolate butter icing. A true indulgent slab or cake, the tea was much needed to cleanse the pallet between each forkful. The carrot cake is a lovely light, fluffy tray bake. The contrasting crunch from the nuts give the cake a beautiful texture and the butter icing enhanced the sweetness from this spicy, nutty cake. One of our five a day we say.

It’s good value for money considering the service and the effort poured into creating such beautiful homemade cakes. You’ll see us at Skintrade more in the summer when VeganBoys is busy at events and we need a time-out between weekends.

Where is your favourite coffee shop on the Isle of Wight offering vegan cake? We would love to expand our cake eating places because we flipping love cake!