The Quay Arts - Vegan Burgers

The Quay Arts Vegan Burgers

The Vegan Burger

The Quay Arts

An essential lunch time stop in Newport when you’re proper hungry!

The Quay Arts is a super safe place for us to go in Newport when we’re really hungry and need some good value solid hearty naughty food. We’re not overly healthy, well I (Charlotte) am not where as Darryn is very well controlled, but when we go out to eat we make sure we indulge! Dave Holley, the head chef has such an amazing attitude to veganism pushing to make great vegan dishes an inclusive part of their menu for meat eaters, pescatarians, vegetarians and all the lacto-ovo variations in between. He is a completely trustworthy chef and you don’t have to double check what the chips are fried in or make sure they know that veganism is different to vegetarianism.

We love the Quay Arts not just because of their vegan options but how supportive they are of local business. They also sell Slab Vegan Fudge, Beau’s Cashew vegan ice-cream and support the local Isle of Wight artists, our favourite being Lilly Allen the Island’s food illustrator.

Vegan Burgers Quay Arts Isle of Wight

The Vegan Burger - £8.50

Bread veggie burger in a toasted bun
Sweet potato fries
Salad garnish with dressing
BBQ sauce

The Vegan Burger was a proper plate of food, the Quay Arts deliver both quality and quantity. The burger was stacked with lettuce, tomatoes, onion and the breaded veggie patty. Because we’re big fatties we could have eaten a double stacked burger with 2 of the veggie patties, but we’re big fatties. The sweet potato fries were lovely and crispy and the salad had a beautiful dressing making it a refreshing break from the carby burger and fries.

This meal is such great value for money, the service is quick and the staff are very attentive. It’s a great lunch time stop and if you’re not in the mood to double check with staff if X and Y is vegan or pre-booking then the Quay Arts has you covered.

Have you got any vegan dishes that you LOVE in Newport from a local business? Share your favourite go-to lunch time pit stops in the comments below!