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The Coffee Nut

So much choice of vegan cakes, do not ignore this Ryde gem!

We love The Coffee Nut and have only recently discovered it. When we follow local businesses on Facebook and they upload a photo of a vegan cake, we’re there. But oh boy we were surprised!

We’re used to having just one vegan option and with that we’re over the moon, SOLD! But when we went into the Coffee Nut we were bowled over with choice. Our first visit offered us lemon cake, scones (cherry or sultana with butter & jam) and a huge slab of ginger cake. Our second visit offered us coconut & cherry slice, mince pies and apple & cinnamon scones. They have also had coffee & walnut cake, sticky toffee cake, chocolate and hazelnut cake, banana cake and maple and pecan! They may as well be a vegan cake shop. They also have lots of GF options and sometimes vegan & gluten free options.

The Coffee Nut vegan cakes Isle of Wight

What we love about The Coffee Nut is how real they are. A true local independent business doing what they love. The clearly have a passion for veganism, baking and experimenting. They have plant milks available and make a good soy latte! They give great service and are always happy to chat. 5 stars from us! Also, they get a massive thumbs up for their compostable takeaway coffee cups and compostable coffee lids. Yes Coffee Nut!!

Soy Latte, Americano, Cherry Scone & Ginger Cake - £8.80

The Cherry scone was lovely and moist with vegan butter and strawberry jam, it was SO nice to have our first scone since going vegan. The ginger cake was HUGE! The value at Coffee Nut is amazing and they make sure you’re proper caked out. Please visit and support The Coffee Nut down Union Street, Ryde.

Where is your favourite coffee shop on the Isle of Wight offering vegan cake? We would love to expand our cake eating places because we flipping love cake!