The Boathouse Vegan Nut Roast

The Vegan Nut Roast

The Boat House


Christmas Dinner before Darryn headed back to Manchester.

Myself and Darryn are incredibly unorganised. We never plan a meal or check in advance when it comes to eating out. We cook at home 95% of the time so when it comes to eating out it is usually a treat on a whim after a busy week of work.

Darryn headed for home up North on 14th December so we crammed in a little mini Christmas before he departed. We’ve been cooking roasties for a few weeks now but decided to treat ourselves to dinner out.

As we both wanted a drink we needed a place within walking distance. While we are temporarily staying in the Wight Sands Holiday Let we had the choice of walking into Ryde or towards Puckpool in the cold weather.


Our initial options from the top of our heads were Olivos, Artisan, Alternative, Wetherspoons, Michael Angelos or Blaze. Nothing really took our fancy and a little hiccups lead us to look into The Boat House.

Unlike me, I decided to drop The Boat House a message on their instant chat service. It was 4:45pm and I thought it would be unlikely anyone would reply but I was wrong. They replied very quickly and they were incredibly helpful. They informed me the nut roast was vegan and we could just drop in without booking a table (although we would recommend calling and booking in this busy period).

The Boathouse Isle Of Wight at Christmas
The Boathouse Open Fireplace

The Boat House was beautifully decorated for Christmas. The fairy lights, Christmas Tree, roaring fireplace and natural garlands on the mantle piece all added a rustic, traditional festive spirit. Ideal for a couple of festive mulled wines or an afternoon coffee.

It was busy in there and lots of people were having their pre-booked Christmas dinners with crackers and paper-hats. The atmosphere was vibrant and cheerful. As were the staff! We were offered a table in the bar area, which suited us nicely as it was quiet and out the way. Two lovely ladies served our table and were incredibly polite keeping us up to date on the wait.

We ordered olives as a starter and 2 of their nut roasts. Along with lots of red wine and beer to celebrate the end of our year together.

Our nut roasts arrived before the olives, the olives were accidentally given to a different table. Being in hospitality we completely understand when little mishaps occur. No problem! The staff were lovely, got them straight away, apologised and took them off our bill. Great customer service by the ladies.

Vegan Christmas Dinner Isle of Wight

You’ll notice our photos of food are always half eaten. We’re absolute gannets and when vegan food is put in front of us that we haven’t cooked we dig straight in! The photos may not look very appetising but it’s usually the sign of the best food, we couldn’t stop ourselves!

The Nut Roast - £13.95

Lentil, Herb & Pecan Nut Roast
Tomato Concise
Seasonal Vegetables (courgettes, carrots, parsnips & courgettes)
Roast Potatoes

The nut roast was nicely presented with boiled vegetables on the side. The nut roast appeared to be home made with crunchy pecans and al dente lentils. As with most nut roasts, it needed the sauce to moisten the dish and the tomato concise was a lovely accompaniment, but a classic gravy would not have gone a miss. The roasties were very crispy and fluffy on the inside and arrived steaming, the seasonal vegetables on the other hand could have done with a little extra time to have arrived at the table piping hot. Call us forgiving but, again, we totally understand from a chefs perspective that cooking Christmas dinners for pre-booked tables of 10+ then accommodating a walk in, not everything will be perfect in a busy kitchen.

A little pricey for our pockets at £13.95 but we were happy to splash out for our last meal together before Christmas, we spent double that on alcohol so we can’t complain.

Overall the nut roast was delicious and we would go back and order it again. The experience was pleasant, the atmosphere was lovely and the service was great. Thank you The Boat House!

We would love to see pictures of your homemade vegan nut roasts so please comment below! Do let us know where you have had your best vegan nut roast on the Isle of Wight so we can give it a try!

Happy Christmas From The VeganBoys

VeganBoys Happy Christmas