What is a supper club?

The VeganBoys' Supper Club is a chilled outdoors dinner party where food makes friends. We aim to create a communal atmosphere where laughter is shared across the table and memories are made. Meet new people with plenty of conversation starters as you are served a 5 course meal. A supper club is for adventurous foodies who love a surprise, the menu will be released a week in advance but there is a chance that small amendments will occur as we continuously develop our cuisine. We'll focus on great food, you focus on fine wine. Bring your own favourite wine / tipple along. We'll provide a selection of cordials and water throughout the meal with tea and coffee at the end. Hearty home-cooked food designed to fill you up should be enjoyed in your stretchy trousers and comfiest food-coma cardigan. We strongly encourage solo diners and keep the supper clubs small with a maximum of 18 guests. It's a great opportunity for curious cats to try a vegan buffet!


Must be 18 years of age and over. 

Located at Vintage Vacations, Hazel Grove Farm, Ashey Road, Ryde, PO33 4BD. 

Bring warm clothes and a blanket. Ground could be muddy so please wear walking boots or old trainers.

CELEBRATE with an overnight stay

Enjoy a 5 course meal at the VeganBoys' Supper Club then complete the food coma by staying the night in a vintage airstream caravan at Vintage Vacations. The airstreams can sleep between 2 - 4 people so grab your girlies, some bottles of wine and have an amazing evening! £30 for the Supper Club and £25 per person to stay the night.

The menu will be released 7 days before the event. We recommend booking 2 weeks in advance but if would prefer to wait until the menu is released, please note the supper club may be all booked up.