• Tiny Homes (map)
  • Hillis Gate Road
  • Cowes, England
  • United Kingdom

Vegan Cookery & Yoga Retreat

Saturday March 16th : 12:00pm –  into the evening

This plant-based yoga course is a rejuvenating and indulging one day retreat to beat the Winter blues. This full day retreat combines yoga and plant-based food to leave you inspired to eat more consciously and move more mindfully.

Both day guest tickets and residential tickets are available. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (ends 16th Feb)

A timetable of the course structure

  • 12:00 – 13:00 – Welcoming, introductions and a 30-minute restorative breathing – Bella

  • 13:00 – 15:30 – Cookery demonstration with Charlotte

  • 15:30 – Question and answer for Bella & Charlotte

  • 1.5 hours to chill, chat, stretch legs and enjoy Tiny Homes grounds, read books.

  • 17:00 – 18:00 – 1 hour yoga with Bella

  • 19:00 – 2 course dinner by Charlotte

Enjoy a super chilled day focusing on putting you in a great frame of mind and learning super easy, quick recipes that you can take home with you for small changes with maximum benefit. The day will begin with a restorative breathing session with Bella before a cookery class with Charlotte. You will get creative with some overnight oat flavours and make your own jar to take home. Charlotte will demonstrate how quick and easy it is to make a super indulgent chocolate Oreo cheesecake followed by a team effort to get the pulled Jackfruit ready for dinner. There will be a couple of hours to chill, read through the library of recipe books that Charlotte will bring (feel free to make notes), enjoy a walk through the forest, explore new yoga poses and have a time out. Bella will lead a heated but accessible yoga flow around 5 o’clock for 1 hour before we set up for dinner to be served around 7pm. You can bring your own alcohol or fizzy for dinner if you would like. Water will be served with dinner.

- Charlotte (right) – Co-founder of VeganBoys, the island’s first completely vegan and gluten free catering outlet, Charlotte specialises in cooking for allergies and studies vegan nutrition. Charlotte will be sharing some of her vegan insider tips and showing you how to create truly indulgent food with healthy ingredients.


- Bella (left) – Founder of Half Moon Yoga, Bella specialises in Hatha Yoga, creating an easy going environment for all levels with an emphasis on flow sequences. Bella will be holding a healthy energy flow class partnered with a session that focuses on breathing techniques that are beneficial on and off the mat.